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Journa Pro is a search machine that is actively filled by the journalists themselves

Journa is a platform for journalists. That's an important difference with monitoring services. Journa doesn't monitor the media from a distance, Journa is the media.

Every day Journa indexes the news and the journalists who published it. Journalists supplement this information themselves, by adding the articles that Journa missed, by introducing themselves on their profiles and by highlighting their most important work.

Communication professionals and spokespeople use Journa Pro to find and follow journalists who are relevant to their organization, look up background information for press releases and by staying notified of relevant publications for their industry.

Editorial offices and journalists use Journa Pro to find people to cooperate with, to stay informed about colleagues to hire for content that requires specific expertise and to do research for their new stories.

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Journa is a startup by from Amsterdam. Since 2016, we are working on our platform for journalists with a team of developers, designers and entrepreneurs.

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1012 KL Amsterdam