Journa puts the spotlight on the creators of news

Keeping your portfolio up to date can be a time consuming job. Some journalists work for magazines and newspapers that keep track of their publications on their website. Others put a lot of effort into running their own websites – but often times the portfolios are incomplete and lagging behind. We’re convinced there’s a better way to show your work.
What is Journa?

Journa creates public portfolio pages for journalists and automatically keeps them up to date. As soon as you publish new work, Journa’s search engine will find it, add a link to your page and notify your followers. Naturally, we hand you the keys to your own page. You decide which publications are shown, which are hidden and how your portfolio looks.

Why are we building Journa?

A healthy society has a broad range of independent voices. It’s our mission to give every journalist – freelance or fixed contract – a place on the web. That place should show an up-to-date overview of your work, it should be under your control and outside of the influence of your employers. That’s why we are building a search engine that finds links to your work, builds your portfolio and gives you the key.

Who is Journa?

Journa is a startup from Amsterdam by Smart.pr an online tool for PR-professionals. The same people who develop Journa, work on Smart.pr. However, both organizations have an independent mission: Smart.pr serves PR professionals and Journa is here for journalists. Both websites use our smart news search engine and help improve our technology. The difference is that for every new feature we consider for Journa, we make a careful assessment whether it actually benefits journalism. This collaboration allows us to offer Journa to journalists for free, forever.