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Journa is a news search engine. It keeps you up to date when journalists publish new work.

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Journa puts the spotlight on the creators of news

Journa understands journalists and the importance of the work they do. Every day, she searches the web for the latest news articles, finds out who wrote them and builds portfolio pages. By putting the creators of the news in the spotlights, Journa helps journalist build a following. Her ultimate goal is to get journalists more work and a more independent position.

By creating a free Journa account, you can search for your favorite journalists and find an overview of their work. By following your favorite journalists, you never have to miss any of their publications anymore.

Creating an online portfolio is free for journalists. Are you a journalist? Journa finds all of your publications and builds your portfolio page. When you publish new work, a link is automatically added to your portfolio and your followers are notified. Naturally, you have full control over your portfolio: you decide which articles deserve more attention and which should be hidden from the page.

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Journa is a startup by from Amsterdam. Since 2016, we are working on our platform for journalists with a team of developers, designers and entrepreneurs.

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