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Many portfolios of journalists are outdated. Journa can fix that.

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Why Journa?

Journa puts the spotlight on the creators of news

Building a personal brand is getting more important: journalist who a more visible get more work and enjoy more job security. Some journalists have an employer who keeps track of their work on their website (newspapers, magazines, blogs), others put a lot of effort into hosting their own website – but most public portfolios are incomplete or sadly behind. Journa helps you by managing your online portfolio, so you can focus on your craft.

Journa generates a public portfolio of your work and keeps it up to date. Every day Journa’s search engine keeps an eye on the media. Whenever she finds new work, she adds a link to your portfolio and notifies your followers. Naturally, you have control over your portfolio: you decide which articles deserve more attention and which should be hidden from the page.

Journa is free for journalists. You can create a profile when Journa's search engine has indexed one or more links to your work. Claiming your profile is as simple as finding your name and hitting ‘Hey, this is me’. After a check of your identity based on your Linkedin-profile, we hand over the keys.

What if Journa hasn’t found any of your work yet? Contact us and point us to your work. You can also go ahead and apply for a profile and wait until our search engine has found your work.

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Journa is a startup by from Amsterdam. Since 2016, we are working on our platform for journalists with a team of developers, designers and entrepreneurs.

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